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Lachenal 32-button C/G Anglo


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Selling for a friend - Lachenal 32-button C/G anglo, modified Jeffries layout (upper right C# button on accidental row is C# push and pull), bone buttons (except metal air button).  Plays nicely, sound bright and robust, very responsive, bellows airtight, well-broken in, very good condition with a few tiny wear spots on bottom commensurate with age and history.  "Hot-rodded" by Paul Groff, with Dipper riveted action and Dipper bellows.  I have since discovered that I did own this very machine for several years (I purchased it directly from Paul Groff, and it has had at least three owners since that time prior to finding its way back to me), and it is a really nice mid-price-range instrument for anyone wishing to learn or upgrade on a reasonably serious instrument that can take a player a long time (perhaps ever) to outgrow.  (The extra two buttons play notes, not "bird whistles" or other "novelty sounds".)  Includes virtually indestructible, waterproof, fitted Pelican "storm case".  $3400.00 USD.  Lots of pix at http://dunlaveys.net/concertina/









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Actually, it is the same one you sold me back in 2010!


I sold it on commission through button box in 2015.  Before I acquired the concertina, it had been through a full "hot rodding" by Paul Groff that included a riveted action (you can see the riveted action through the ends if you zoom in) and a set of 6-fold Dipper Bellows (if you open it up Rosalie left her makers mark on the bellows).  I replaced a white plastic air button with the brass one that I lathed by hand that's on it (also if you open it up you'll see my initials in cursive scrolled in it, I guess button box did keep the spare button with the instrument).  I upgraded the case (not original which I still have, an old record case) with the pelican case and blocked and lined it in the red velvet.


It was a great player, you won't find many like it in that price range with the upgrades it got.  I'd describe it as a modified Wheatstone layout because of the C#/C# on the first button right hand outer row which is a huge plus in my books!


Hope the details help in it's sale!



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And, upon my investigation, it is indeed the very one, and did seem to look and feel very familiar!  Welcome to the "it's a small world" department!  I purchased this machine directly from Paul Groff back in the day, and it is indeed as described, with the exception that Paul described it as "modified Jeffries accidental row".

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On 2/28/2023 at 1:42 AM, fferrel said:

Also please advise re: payment preference and shipping options.


Shipping from New Hampshire to Maine?  I would think a personal visit would be in order.  Then you could try it before you buy it.

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2 minutes ago, JimLucas said:


Shipping from New Hampshire to Maine?  I would think a personal would be in order.  Then you could try it before you buy it.

That'd be a smart idea, I reckon.

I think they're only 1.5 hours away from each other. It'd be another story if fferrel lived in Lubec or Machias. Maine is a pretty big state, but 1.5 hours is nothin! Worth swinging by to try it for sure!

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