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Help me identify this old concertina

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Hey all. Got this old concertina from a family member and was wondering if anyone could help me identify it?


It has no markings on it to tell who made it. There is a medallion on the from that looks like an eagle on a rock. There are also some Anglo looking faces on it as well. Please refer to the photos.


Any help you could provide is much appreciated.






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Hi Adam,


For a start, that's a beautiful instrument - but it's not a concertina! It's a melodeon, otherwise known as a diatonic button accordion. Yours looks was almost certainly built in Germany, probably Klingenthal, somewhere between the late 1800s and mid 1900s. I'd maybe put it around the 1920s-30s? I'm not an expert though. Usually these instruments aren't worth a vast amount, but they're good fun to play, and pretty attractive objects. Yours isn't a design I'm familiar with. Those pressed metal faces seem rather unusual.

The people on here tend to be pretty knowledgeable regarding all sorts of free-reed instruments, but if you want more information your best bet is probably to ask the people on melodeon.net. They specialise in this sort of thing!



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On 1/30/2023 at 7:18 PM, defnotabirb said:

There is a medallion on the from that looks like an eagle on a rock.


That looks very much like a variant of the eagle on a rock trade mark of C. F. Dörfel‑Steinfelser & Co. of Klingenthal.


Stylistically it probably dates from the 1880s.

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