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Lachenal Anglo concertina 20 button C/G for sale.... cheap


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Hey people. Lachenal anglo 20 button C/G concertina for sale.  Bone buttons, 6 bellows. In need of restauration. The bellows looks fine, can't feel air escaping from the bellows but air is leaking out of the seams where the wood ends are attached to the bellows and leaking though some buttons/notes. All the buttons work but hard to tell about the notes/reeds due to the air leaks. Two stuck open notes/reeds that sound (one when you pull and one when you push).

This is a 'as/is' restauration piece. Likely needs a good cleaning on the reeds, new pads, etc - standard stuff. 


I've restored a few of these already and I don't really want to part with it but raising cash to set up a workshop for woodworking as a new career path. 

$150 Canadian (about $112 US). Buyer pays the shipping. I'm willing to ship worldwide. 







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