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Two launches of a new book on the life and music of Chris Droney

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2 hours ago, Peter Laban said:

On the off chance of stating the bleeding obvious, you could go to the recordings, buy the case and take it from there. It will also be much more musical than any midi player.

I agree completely with Peter; very much the best to learn from the playing of the master himself. The transcriptions should, in most cases, pretty much match him note for note in his first playing of each tune. The tunes themselves can be found on YouTube if you cannot find them for purchase. Search on Chris Droney, and either Down from Bell Harbour, The Fertile Rock, or The Flowing Tide (his best 3 CDs). I believe that all the tunes from each of those recordings are on the You Tube site; not sure who posted them.

Then use some sort of slow down software to slow him down to learning speed. I use The Amazing Slow Downer, from Roni Music, but there are others. Your PC probably has the ability to record audio from a YouTube, but I'm not too good at the particulars of that. Record the audio and then put that audio on your PC along with your slowdowner software of choice. 


It would be great to get those recordings re-issued for sale again. 


And if you live in the US, consider coming to the Palestine Old Time Music Festival March 21-23 2024. Chris Droney's daughter Ann Droney Kirrane will teach at our concertina workshop there, and her playing is very much in his style. We also will be doing both slow and to-tempo sessions of tunes from that book. There is a posting that I made on this site giving more information (search my name on this site and you'll find it). Send me a PM if you wish to join in!


Either way, good luck. It is a great style to learn on the concertina.

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