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The Woolhope Tangle - a puzzling new piece for 20 button anglo by Kathryn Wheeler

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There's a fun bit at the end of this one!


This is a bit of a spooky sounding tune.  I wrote it after coming back from yet another failed drive around tiny rural lanes to get to Woolhope in Herefordshire*.  I think it channels the frustration and turned-about feeling we had!   Unusually for me this isn't about harmonies but instead about unexpected bellows directions and ambiguity offered by having two B/C buttons on the instrument (one on the left bottom side, the other on the right top) in different directions and playing around with that.  Also a bit of pinky finger twisting in the middle section where things are largely on the lower end of the instrument.  Ooh, and in the intro bit.


It's a nice one to play with others because you can just alternate Em and F chords and it works - that has lead to some jazzy stuff!  At the end of the video I get a bit syncopated and enjoy myself!


*Now I'm a great navigator usually, but this one beat me (and I am relieved that I'm not alone in finding it hard to find the car-park!)  We have been trying to go and walk on the Marcle ridge for a while now, with its gorgeous views east back to the Malvern Hills and views to the west towards Hereford and Wales.  Turns out that there was a road signpost that had got turned about!  Now, you could say the locals just didn't want any folk from Worcestershire coming over and touristing in their area.  But actually the very landscape and underlying geology is well confusing too!  Rings of ridges encircle Woolhope, providing a feeling of enclosed protection.   


There's a direct route in from the west!



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On 1/17/2023 at 1:43 AM, CrP said:

Nice, and twisty indeed. It seems to have a sense of perpetuum mobile to it that moves well. Please do more like this.

Thankyou, I see what you mean. 


It’s really interesting and useful to find out how a tune comes across to others!


I can’t always guarantee where my tinkering around will take me, as usually I’m channelling a feeling or playing around with an interesting pattern of buttons or movements! Perhaps I need to get lost and frustrated on trips more to produce more like this one 😆  

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