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McNeela Swan


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This was my first concertina, it was a great instrument to learn on. I played it for a year and a half and then decided to upgrade. It has just been serviced and gone over by a Dan Beer here in Portland and is in good working order. 


Price is $600 + shipping. I can send a video of me playing the instrument on request.

PXL_20230103_213118029 Small.jpeg

PXL_20230103_213110854 Small.jpeg

PXL_20230103_213058134 Small.jpeg

PXL_20230103_213047458 Small.jpeg

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This is my first post, I have been interested in learning the concertina for a long time, I actually pulled the trigger and ordered a Wren last week but then found this site and did a bunch of reading and canceled the order before they shipped it.  From what I can gather, the Swan is the lowest cost concertina from McNeela that is worth getting.  On McNeela's website he talks about the "New Swan" - is that what this one is or is it a first generation?  Do you know the difference between the two?

You say this was your first concertina and you learned on it, that is what I would be using it for, any suggestions/recommendations?  I don't know who Dan Beer is but did he say anything about the longevity of that instrument?  Anything I should watch out for on it?   I would ask for a recording but I honestly would not know if it sounds healthy or not.  I want an instrument that is good enough I can learn it but doesn't completely break the bank in case I don't like it. 



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That's why I bought a Swan 3 years ago. I did like it and moved onto a Lachenal but have kept the Swan as a spare or for playing in inclement weather. I was surprised at how good the Swan was for it's price. It plays well and is comfortable. Of course, I now prefer the Lachenal for the warmer tone.

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Here's a link to a recording I did the other day: https://photos.app.goo.gl/fzQeuHHkz5ewFUhL6

D scale and the Rolling Wave.


I looked at the website and I'm not sure the difference between the "new" swan and the one I have. If you email Mcneela they can probably tell you what might have changed in the last few years. They were very responsive when I've emailed in the past.



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