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Good and sound 48-key English concertina with brass reeds


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I decided to sell a nice concertina I have had for some ten years as a secondary, sweeter-sounding instrument alongside my Aeola. I had bought it in Normandy, around Granville, from the estate of an old sailor who played it until the end.

It does not have a label, although I strongly suspect it to be a Lachenal.

It has 5-fold bellows, brass reeds, bone buttons. Quite a simple instrument but nice to play, and still a much better instrument than modern-made Stagi's, etc.

It is currently located in Paris, France, from which I can mail it wherever needed. At the end of January I plan to cross the Channel to spend a few weeks at Oxford and can bring it with me for a hand-to-hand delivery there or in London, if convenient.

As for the price, I would like to let it go for €600, but cheaper offers are much welcome.

I can send additional pictures and sound samples through Whatsapp.


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