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FOR SALE - Bastari 40 button Anglo concertina

Jody Kruskal

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I bought a “top of the line” deluxe Bastari W-40 button Anglo concertina a few years ago but hardly touched it. Now, it’s time to clean house a bit and this one needs to find a new home.


My guess is that this beauty was made 40-50 years ago. Though it’s certainly vintage, the condition is pristine, never been played except for a few test runs by me. There are a few cosmetic age cracks in the surface finish that only give it character. All the buttons sound and none are crooked or sticky. 


This is a very good player. The sound is loud, bright, full, in tune, and I suspect that the reeds are handmade. The action is super quick. No leaks in the leather bellows. Robust hand straps. Wheatstone 40 button fingering in C/G. 6 7/8” on the flats. Deluxe hard case. Fingering chart. Asking $1100 US plus shipping and insurance.


PM me if you are interested.



Bastari 40 chart.jpg



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5 hours ago, Jody Kruskal said:

If you want to play old style  Afrikaans: ‘Boer music with all of those luscious chords, then this machine will do it.

I'm unlikely to be tackling that genre, and if I were my existing C-Gs would presumably do just as well.


Let's see whether you find anyone else to take it. If not, maybe bring it with you next time you come to Britain?

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