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Button diameter thoughts for Anglo


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I don't know the specific button diameters of the Clover and the Morse, but I've measured button diameters between 4.1mm (metal) from a vintage Jeffries to 7.9mm (bone) for a vintage Lachenal.   The 4.1mm buttons can feel needle-like and quite painful until you get used to them, but they do allow for very precise playing.  The large buttons are easier to hit but can feel a little clumsy and difficult to move from one button to the next.  I tend to prefer the smaller diameter buttons around 4.5mm - 5mm diameter with a small amount of rounding to the edges but others will, I'm sure, have different opinions. 


Once you compare one button with another, it's possible to get bothered by whether they're flat topped with very straight edges, have very rounded edges or in the extreme are very domed (like some of the "metal over a wooden core" button typical of a Wheatstone).


It's possible to get used to any button in my experience.  It also depends on how the instrument is set up and whether there's a long travel or whether they sit flush or proud of the fretboard when depressed.


Alex West

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I own 4 Anglos and have owned 3 others, and played many more. I have no issue with the diameter of the buttons. Maybe fatter buttons are slightly easier to catch accidentally with a fingernail. 


Pretty much, you get used to what you play most.    The two boxes I play most often are my Dipper with domed buttons that may be plastic and my piccolo Lachenal with tiny bone buttons.  (I say may be plastic because I have been told otherwise,  but can't help but feel sceptical. )

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