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Hi there,


I Found a second hand concertina for sale.

The seller sent me photos, and I sée Dubliner' label on the wood side.


Apparently this is a concertina made by Sean Garwey.


When I Ask the model the seller told me this is a Clare .



So when a Google it I found this:


Sean created Irish concertina company.

there is no dubliner model on there website.

There is Also a website allaboutaccordion.com

no dubliner model toi sale.


could someone told me if those concertinas (Clare and dubliner)are quite same level of construction and sound?


thanks a lot

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I too cannot compare but the "Dubliner" was advertised here 12 years ago:



Before that they sold "Dublin" (not Dubliner) concertina, but that was made by Harry Geuns and completely different model I Suppose:



The "Clare" came to their website from 2014:


The "Dubliner" has been renamed the "Garwood" for a while, but it seems to be a different model from the "Clare".

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Thanks guys for both informations !


Yeah I watched website and videos, but still can't know tha quality of that Dubliner ^^


I wrote email to Irish concertina company and to allaboutaccordions to figure it out.


The seller ask 1500 Euros on it !

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This tends to suggest you are potentially buying a 12 year old instrument of uncertain - but almost certainly not "better" - construction/condition, rather than a brand new 'made for you' Marcus or A.C. Norman instrument at roughly +/- the same outlay with none of the potential risks ? and ongoing maker support??


I know which I would opt for ?   

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