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George Jones 20 key Anglo No 28049 - Any idea of date?

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I recently acquired a fairly basic but well put together George Jones Anglo with serial number 28049.  I've done a search of cnet but can't find any trace of Jones dates, nor of Wes Williams' history files.  It has a mixture of steel and brass reeds - but some of the steel reeds look to be replacements.  Interestingly, the case has the card of Arthur G Jones attached to the lid.


Anyone have any idea of dates of manufacture of Jones anglos?


Alex West


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I'd be interested in any dating information vis-a-vis G.Jones instruments since I have several of his anglo instruments, namely two 34-key C/G's, numbers 17021 and 12489; a 26-key C/G Nr. 16616; and a 26-key G/D with illegible Nr.

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As far as I know, there's nobody collecting George Jones serial numbers, to try and date his instruments, though Wes Williams has written:



George Jones detailed his own life story in an account that may be found on the web in Don Nichols Concertina pages. After various jobs in the concertina industry, he went to work for a Mr. Austin around 1850. The Horniman has a single item made by Jabez Austin, probably the same person. This is an English, serial no. 161. Jones ended up taking over the company by 1853, which continued until around 1909, although Jones himself retired in 1899, dying in 1919. A more accurate date for the end of the company is 1905, since the company went bankrupt after being left by Jones to his two sons on his retirement. Jones also produced instruments with modified fretwork for other dealers. The highest number Jones I've noted is 27807.So he produced around 500 instruments a year on average. There is also a recorded instrument that may be used as graph improvement point, No 3295 is fitted with 'Broad Steel' reeds, which were introduced by Jones around 1865/70. Although this could have been an earlier instrument, I've used it as an 1865 point in an attempt to quantify Jones's increasing production output



But, from my experience, 28049 would be a very high number, so a late instrument - maybe from around 1900-1905. 





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Hi Alex,

Chris Flint produced a concertina timeline that includes some information about Jones concertinas. I have just found it again at https://www.scatesconcertinas.com/pdf/Concertina Timeline open office.pdf.

I made up a short spreadsheet for Jones concertinas using what information about individual instruments I've been able to find on the Internet as well., it may be helpful.

I possess number 28064 a 30k Anglo with steel reeds,  tuned A/E  where A= 432 and I believe its original tuning. As I've been unable to find another Jones with a higher number as yet, it has been tentatively identified as constructed in 1905. I also have number 1632, a 20k brass reeded instrument very similar to C333 and C332 which are in the Concertina Museum.

Like everyone else, I have not been able to find anyone collecting Jones concertina numbers and info. Perhaps it is time for someone to volunteer to take on the work.




Jones timeline.xls

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