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20+1 Scholer Concertina


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hi all I have been ask to sell 20+1 Scholer Concertina with 14 belows made in German democratic republic and i have no idea of the price.
it has some pitting on the chrome but not te bad a few holes where the sound comes out one mark where it has had a sticker and some sign of wear.

can anyone tell me more like a model number or where to find it, the metal plate has 2 birds i am guessing earles standing on what look like saturn wit 3 numbers or letters under that i cannot decipher 

thanks for reading this and hope someone can help me.

Paul Dietman

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It would probably be helpful to post a few pictures and give an overall of the condition.

Do ALL of the notes sounds on the push and pull? are there any buttons/ straps/ screws missing etc. bellows tight/ leak, etc.

That will probably give the people that know about these a little more to go on to determine any sort of numbers.



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I have no clue about these. But there are those here that do. I think with your pics and overall information you should be able to get some info back.


the little I know is these are not extremely valuable. And not huge collector pieces, but, not knowing. Maybe this one is the one everybody is looking for. I will leave it to those that know about these to add their opinions.


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