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Dan Worral's Chris Droney book


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Chris and Margaret were good friends of Carolyn and myself. We stayed with them many times in Bell Harbour, and Chris kindly invited me to play with him at several gigs. I say this with all sincerity, "Chris was one of my favourite persons in the world.....a kind and gentle soul!"

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Chris and Margaret had the same effect on my wife Mary and me. That, plus a nearly 50 year span of playing his tunes, drove me to produce this book. A wonderfully friendly person, he had a simple, direct and generous way of interacting with the world, and his music reflects it.


Sorry all for the long delay in getting the book out, but the wait is worth it. My coauthor Jarrett Branch and I have gotten lots of last minute glitches out of it (errors in key signature and dropped octave notes are always embarrassing), and it will be great to have it launched in Ennis with members of the Droney family, at the Consairtin gathering in April. Here is a note from elsewhere on this site about that:

And for those in North America, come to our workshop at the Palestine Old Time Music Festival in March, where copies will be available plus we'll workshop some of those tunes! Info in the attached note, as well as in a post by Gary Coover in the Announcements part of this website.



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