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Concertina Mute

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My practice time on my English concertina is limited out of respect for the other residents in my building. As a midi concertina is out of my price range, I would like to add some kind of mute to my concertina, as one would do with a violin.


My idea is to purchase some felt which I would line the inside wooden surfaces (obviously areas that do not come into contact with reeds or mechanical action). This would be a temporary measure until I find myself living somewhere with thicker walls.


If anyone has any experience with attempting such a proceedure, or has any other suggestions, they would be much appreciated.



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Rather than interfering with your concertina's innards or outer, why not make a muffler for it

Put your concertina in a cardboard box that will comfortably hold your concertina and be long enough to allow for full bellows expansion, surround the cardboard with a tube of lined material that has elastic at both ends for your hands to push through and also a zip at one end so that you can get the concertina in and out


Stuff the lining with sound absorbing material that will allow your hands to breath, so not bubble wrap, maybe several layers of a thick woolen material, heavy sacking, or polystyrene chips might work and be much lighter :)


Place the muffler on your knees and you can rest one end of your concertina as usual but inside the box which will have to be big enough to prevent your concertina from rubbing on the cardboard whilst playing.


Maybe I'll patent it :D



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I would like to offer some suggestions regarding the Concertina Mute.I think this is a serious subject and I feel we should put our brain power to work and between us come up with a solution.The idea of a quick release mute appeals to me.One which can be clipped onto a concertina and removed just as quickly.

As the majority of the sound comes out of the end fretwork let us consider this area.We know from past instruments that an internal baffle works but none of us would like this idea.What if a baffle was fixed to each end in the form of a washer it could be circular or hexagonal, but I see no requirement to follow the concertina shape as long as it covers the majority of the fretwork..The centre of the washer baffle needs to be cut away to go over the handles and the keyboard to allow access to the buttons.A soft clipping device to go over the ends to hold the washer in position as you would not want it flapping about as you are playing.I would think a foam padded leather(re inforced) would be ideal but this is my suggestion.

No doubt our little friend will come up with a patent by Wheatstone, but it is worth thinking about.


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[snip]...The idea of a quick release mute appeals to me.One which can be clipped onto a concertina and removed just as quickly...[snip]Al

But isn't this what Ratface has done already? See the picture entitled "My concertina with external, detachable (with velcro) 'baffles'. "



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Since my first posting, I have done some research into baffles (a new subject to me) and will be adding them to my concertina with acoustic fabric and leather. With the leftover material I may experiment with adding some kind of external, clippable/removeable muting system.


I also have been looking into methods of noise reduction in rooms. Right now I am seriously considering building a small practice booth whose purpose would be to absorb as many dB as possible. It would cost about four or five hundred dollars (Canadian). to build, and it would constructed as such that it can be disassembled and moved. Others have found this idea to be overly obsessive. However, the ability to practice without disturbing others has been a persistant problem that I am determined to overcome.

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You are right Samantha exactly what I was thinking about except clip on and not Velcro.I missed this posting thanks for the info.

Did it work?

Well, Danny's been using it for as long as I've known him, which is about 3-4 years. It does work as advertised, though I have to say that I don't actually like the look of it, but that's probably just my taste.



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Others have found this idea to be overly obsessive.


Concertinists obsessive? Surely ye jest :) . That there is general peace in your appartment building that needs upholding is a gift and it is kind of you feel protective.


That is not something my neighborhood would understand nor respect so I just have at it on the porch and add to the general cacophony of rap, salsa and blasting Harleys....Yee-Haw. My kids two blocks away in the park know when I set-to the porch for a session however. They say it's not loud, but clearly audible.


The only thing that could bring attention I think would be messin' around with a pair of trousers on the porch :blink: . Our whole klan is already seen as well on the fringe.

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