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New harmonium reeds from India

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Does anybody know anything about harmoniums as produced in India today, and the reeds they use? From what I gather, the original old harmoniums had German reeds from companies like Jubilate.  From a manufacturer site: Long gone are the days when there were German reed harmoniums. Its been almost a century since the German reed manufacturing factories closed down. Now, you can only find used harmoniums that may have German reeds. Most harmonium makers use their version of reeds being made from reed manufacturers. Honestly the best reeds are made in Palitana, a city in Gujarat, India. These copper/brass reeds sound warm and rich. You will mostly find them in expensive harmoniums. The less expensive ones will be made with brass reeds but can still be good quality harmoniums. Brass reeds are actually desirable for accompanying large groups singing kirtan or bhajan, as the slight shrillness of the brass helps penetrate the voices. 


Interesting - the brass ones are more shrill, relative to copper/brass. I guess steel would be shrillest of all?  I''m interested in experimenting with these reeds. Has anyone tried them out? 

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It's not clear what they mean by "copper/brass". I suspect pure copper would be too soft to make a good reed. Brass is an alloy that is mostly copper, with some zinc added to make it harder. Similarly bronze is copper alloyed with a small amount of tin and other elements to make it harder and stronger. Phosphor bronze is sometimes used for good quality harmonica reeds because it has excellent spring properties and corrosion resistance.

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