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1926 Wheatstone anglo case repair

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I’d like to repair the original case which came with my concertina.

Unfortunately  , the leather case hinge has torn, the handle is missing as is the tongue that would hold the male part of the lock.


I’m wondering if anyone has any experience of sourcing the missing part that mates with the lock mechanism?




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If you can't source an original latch, it's not too difficult to make a new one out of thin brass sheet using small brass rivets to attach the latch to some matching leather and copper rivets to attach the whole assembly to the case lid.  The photo I've attached isn't one I made myself, but I've made a few like it in the past


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Here's a few photos of one of mine - as you can see it's just a piece of bent brass riveted to the leather with three brass nails. I didn't bother with the engraved line around the edge, but it would be easy to do for somebody with engraving tools.




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