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FSOT: 26 button Bb/F Anglo restored by Barleycorn


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I purchased this 26-button Bb/F anglo concertina from Barleycorn in January 2021.  I like it, but I am on a waiting list for a Carroll now and am selling this one to raise funds.  It is located in Eugene, Oregon, USA and I am asking $1,650 plus shipping.  Insurance is optional but recommended and is at buyer's expense.  I will also be in Houston TX briefly at the end of the year and may be able to meet a buyer there instead of shipping.


I am also willing to consider trades of a similar quality anglo instrument in keys other than C/G.


This video that I made last year features this instrument as the first of the three.  I was still learning the tune, which shows.


Additional sound files - pardon my errors.


B/F concertina - jig recording - the mic was set too loud and crackles a little at the loudest parts, this is a fault of the mic, not the concertina.


B/F concertina - reel recording








Here is the original description from Barleycorn's website:



I bought this concertina from images but without examining it, and I presumed that it was a Jones as they often made 26 keys with quite crude fretwork-which this has. Having said that, this one does not have the usual fretwork for a Jones.


As soon as I played it I realised that it had the “growl” of the basic Crabb and Jeffries budget-model wooden-ended anglos. As the ends are refinished and it has new bellows-any of the most obvious clues as to its maker have been lost but the reeds are not typical Jones reeds.


It has got refinished ends, new pads, valves, straps and it is tuned to Bb/F concert pitch. It also has a set of new, quality 6 fold bellows.  It plays really well for a budget concertina and has a great sound.


It could be said that this concertina "has character".  When I enquired about it, Barleycorn said:



It is not perfect-it has very basic ends-one of which has a repaired crack in it-totally stable but obvious-and the buttons on that side lean a little-but it is in solid working condition, sounds and plays great has been rebuilt inside and has a new set of 6 fold bellows which cost £300 themselves. It sounds like a quality instrument and almost certainly is a Jeffries or a Crabb and their top instruments would cost £4000-7000.


The leaning buttons are a cosmetic issue only and do not affect play.  They are on the left side and are angled slightly down when the instrument is in playing position.  It's very hard to spot it except at certain angles. 


Here is a photo of the repaired crack on one end:




Let me know if you have any questions, thank you!

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