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Wheatstone Model #22


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For Sale Wheatstone Model #22 - C$3,000

Serial # 24868 - Built in early 1900’s 

48 buttons

Raised Nickel Silver Ends  and Nickel Silver  Buttons

6 Fold Bellows – tight and in good shape

All buttons and air release valve playing well with good action

Comes with original case with a repaired strap, period music book and brochure obtained when the instrument was originally purchased


This was purchased from the son of the original owner in Calgary AB, 2012 and restored and tuned to A=440 by Paul Read in Toronto that year. Pads and valves were replaced where needed.  Reed pans and reeds are in good shape.


I have kept it in good playing condition with all reeds playing clear. 


For people on the west coast of Canada, I will be visiting Vancouver Island in December and will be bringing it with me for viewing.


I presently live in Prince Edward Island. I am happy to correspond with any serious buyers via Face time or Zoom to see and hear the instrument. I am happy to ship it but cost of shipping and insurance will be the purchasers responsibility.



Blaine Hrabi


902 978 2218

P1020799 (640x480).jpg

P1020800 (640x480).jpg

P1020801 (640x480).jpg

P1020802 (640x480).jpg

P1020803 (640x480).jpg

P1020804 (640x480).jpg

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P1020807 (640x480).jpg

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