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Semi-miniature Lachenal Anglo in high C/G


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Hello.  I bought this Lachenal semi-miniature Anglo at auction, serial number 184131 a year ago, and am now looking to sell it on.  It is in remarkably good condition for its age, and would make a superb collector's piece.  Please note that it plays one octave higher than a standard C/G, so would not be suitable for day-to-day social playing.  Please see the attached document for a much fuller description, including a detailed condition report, and a layout and frequency table; and don't hesitate to pm me (dockerthom@gmail.com) for more info and pics.  I am looking for reasonable bids (in pounds sterling only, please) for this remarkably beautiful instrument.  Donation to CNet if sold through here.  Very many thanks.







Lachenal 184131.docx

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6 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

if it plays and octave higher; would be interesting to hear the sound as well.


Cormac Begley plays one in this recent clip. If my memory serves me correctly it was not a 20 button model (30?) though.


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