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The Music Boat - [Jig].

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I thought I would pop this tune on - as it has the sort of melody that suits free reed very nicely; it's a "Jig" from a piece of music I wrote several years ago.  It was inspired by a small decorative picture, of which my Mother [ an artist] made and, which has, in its subject matter, three characters in a boat on a rainbow sea of notes. She admittedly never really learned to read music; despite as a girl going to do piano lessons [ and instead avoiding them when she could and buying with the fee intended for lessons an ice-cream]! This painting is in a gold frame now, and the notes in design are purely decorative; yet I found a rhythm in the design [ by chance] and that is how the whole piece began to make me think of an actual melody in the random notes on that picture. She never did learn to play an instrument but was always asking questions about music, and instruments, and had great love of medieval music and history.



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