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Caitlin nic Gabhann and four other concertinists play her latest composition

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17 hours ago, Don Taylor said:

I guess that they did not get the message about not tapping their feet?

7 hours ago, Jillser Nic Amhlaoibh said:


Probably not since it's quite common and accepted for Irish traditional musicians to tap their feet when playing....


He’s joking. Referring to the discussion of foot tapping in this thread:



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Good to know, but since people may be reading this thread who are either:


1) Unfamiliar with Irish traditional music




2) Unfamiliar with the aforementioned previous thread,


then for their benefit it can't hurt to mention that it's probably more common than not for players to tap their foot audibly when playing irish traditional music, just in case someone new to the tradition would interpret Don's comment as meaning that the practice is frowned upon.

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In his 1936 tutor for the uilleann pipes Leo Rowsome had a page of 'A few valuable hints', basically a list of 'don'ts'. One of them was 'DON'T stamp your foot to beat time  : such a habit can easily be avoided in its early stages'.


While it would be rowing against the tide to object to foot tapping, I don't think it is an obligatory part of playing traditional music. It's just something most people do. Although.. I have seen a few people posting to internet forums asking how they can learn to do it

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