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Is the treble chart below the lyrics? this picture come from the Hayden-All-Systems-Duet-Workshop-Tutor


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2 hours ago, DaveRo said:

Probably only Brian will know why it appears like that.  My guess is that  a Roneo Machine was involved

Learning and Playing

WW: I've heard you are writing a Tutor.

BH: I've got a whole load of stuff in a tune book, for my workshops. They were first written for Witney. I did this beginners course and I didn't know what was going to come up so I wrote out all the Duet systems, a basic keyboard diagram and chord diagrams for each, and it was Cranes, Maccanns and Haydens. No Jeffries turned up.

WW: All your workshop notes are type set, but I thought you didn't have a computer?

BH: I've got a word processor - an ancient Amstrad PCW. I've got a little program that allows you to alter some of the letters into shapes, and by altering only 16 letters I can write music. I was very proud of it when I first did it, about fifteen years ago, as the music I'd seen from computers was very jagged compared to that.


(from: http://www.concertina.com/williams/hayden-chat/index.htm)


Then probably printed on a Roneo/Mimeograph/Gestetner master.


Somewhere else, Brian mentions his use of what he called the baritone clef in his tunes - the treble clef but sounding an octave lower.  I think that we mostly call this the treble-octave clef now.  Whatever the name, that is what is intended for the lower staff in the diagrams in the tutor.

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