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Anglo Jeffries layout & Celtic player mods; help.

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Mention of reverting the order of RHS 3rd Row BTN 1 & BTN 2, ie d#'' / c#'' with c#'' / d#'', in order to make playing in D Maj, A Maj, easier. I wonder if makers are adopting the change?

Too wonder if Techs are doing this mod for players? Is it hard to do? Costly?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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I can't say that I've heard of anybody switching them around like that but, here in Ireland plenty of people have both C# reeds on button 1, and both D# reeds on button 2.


Otherwise, there's the "Mary Mac"[Namara] layout that has THREE C#s - two of them on button 1, and the usual one on button 2. That way everybody's usual C#(s) are where they expect them to be...


Changing them around on a Jeffries is usually simple enough, whilst I'd lightly weight the tip of the D# on button 1 to give me the "Mary Mac" layout's extra C# - which can then be easily changed back to "standard" Jeffries fingering if desired.

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