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Lachenal Baritone Anglo 26 button C/G: SOLD


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SOLD: 26 Button C/G Lachenal Baritone Anglo,8 fold bellows THIS CONCERTINA IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE, THANKS!


This is a really wonderful sounding and playing instrument. When I acquired this 2.5 years ago it had a new 8 fold bellows.

It has inset metal ends which I have understood to be a feature of the higher level models. Perhaps someone can confirm or debunk this rumor?


I haven’t tried other Baritones but this instrument plays quite smoothly and pretty quickly for a baritone.


It has two interesting historical details to it as well, along with being a fine instrument.


1. At some point a clever person engraved in between the buttons “C Jeffries Maker”, AND then another clever person scratched lines through those words. It isn’t unsightly, just fascinating  and funny. (Please see photo)


2. Also much more interesting historically is that someone has written on the back of one of the action pans, in fountain pen, the following: “No 92189 Manufactured by Lachenal & Co June 1884” (please see photo) I find this really interesting and possibly important as a clue in the ongoing project of dating Lachenals.


I acquired this concertina from Barleycorn Concertinas (a good provenance) in the last few years. I am recently retired and am pairing down my instruments to










Lachenal Baritone date inside.jpg

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