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WTB: D/A Anglo


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I have exactly what you are asking for, a 20 button D/A Lachenal Concertina. It is very old (how old I don't know as all identification has been lost). The wood looks a little battered but it is OK and isn't cracked. The 5-fold leather bellows and staps have been recently replaced and still look new. Reeds are brass. The top push note on the D row isn't working, but it worked not long ago so it probably just needs tweaking. The rest works fine. I got it a while ago as a novelty but rarely use it so I would be prepared to sell it for a price equivalent to what I paid for it. However, I am in England so there would also be the cost of shipping it to Canada. Contact me if you are interested.

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I had a 20 button D/A built for me a few years ago by a maker in South Africa who builds them for a Boer Music club there. It's a double reeded box on the German model- but made with much better materials, reeds and craftsmanship.  It cost me around Can$600 plus postage.  If you're interested I can probably dig up the contact info for you.


Coincidentally I got it to play in Newfoundland when I'm there in the summer.  I'm in Hamilton the rest of the year- if you are nearby you're welcome to have a look and squeeze.

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Thank you both for the responses.


Doodle, those are good suggestions and I will look into both. Already emailed Barleycorn and waiting to hear back.


Bill, I would be very interested in that. I play a DA Scholer now so comfy with German style. I would love to play yours but I am home in St. John's. Hope you enjoyed your trip here!



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A tuned-up 20 key can be a good option.  I bought a basic mahogany Lachenal CG from a stall at Sidmouth a while back and Concertinas UK fettled it and put it up to DA.  It plays well and is quite bright.


I did a quick recording of Staffs Hornpipe on my phone: 




So, as suggested above, worth thinking about.


Good luck.








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