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"39 Button" Lachenal On Ebay -- Be Careful


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It's eBay item #2564291990


I just want to warn people to be careful about instruments with that number of buttons, since 36-40 is fairly standard for a lots-of-buttons anglo, but 35-38 is also fairly standard for minimal-number-of-buttons duets, and the difference in market price between the two could be a factor of 10.


eBay item #2562816810, on the other hand, does appear to be a 40-button (+air) Lachenal *anglo*.

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Thanks for the heads up!  Is the tip off the note imprints in the button tips?  And/or the button arrangement?  Or the serial #?

Any or all of the above.


1) I've never seen note names on the buttons of an anglo, proably since it would require two per button, and they'd be too small to either "write" or read.


2) Lachenal had a sepearate run of serial numbers for the duets, and I've never seen a Lachenal duet with a SN of more than 4 digits. (Maybe even the Cranes and Maccanns were different, but it's hard to prove, just as it's likely but hard to prove that Englishes and anglos were separate, unless and until somebody unearths a duplicate pair.)


3) But even without the other two, the button layout is too regular right-to-left and has the wrong "arc" or placement of rows & partial rows top-to-bottom.

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