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Silvagni Tina - No longer available


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I bought it a while back to see if Anglo concertina is for me. I since then upgraded and it's been sitting in its soft case.


It's definitely slow; but from what I can tell, everything works as it should.


Included: the instrument + soft case (as pictured).


Price: the cost of FedEx Ground shipping from ZIP 94621 + US$ 1 (so that I can brag that I've made profit on the deal 😃 ) + a donation to concertina.net.


The amount of the donation is of your choice; you don't have to tell anyone about it.


You can pay me (Paypal F&F or check) and make the donation after receiving the instrument.


If you want to give it a good home. Please reply here (so everyone knows that it's been taken) and send me a PM.


Note: I can ship only on Thursday. Please be patient.





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No longer available
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On 10/18/2022 at 11:01 AM, BustedFlat said:

Hi there I'm looking to try my hand at anglo concertina. This one still available?



You're first.


PM me with your shipping address. I'll ship it to you next Thursday (too late for me today).

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