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In York ( UK) near to where I currently live, on a narrow street, a while back, and on a very breezy day that brushed everything along at a pace.. I often passed a shop sign, hanging up next to a shop and as it moved by the wind itself; then it would go back and forth creating an intriguing sort of shrill, high pitched, squeaking tune.. like a kind of funny jig; or dance suitable to play on an instrument.

So the musician who made it was no more than the wind itself! 

Its a bit different to the Aeolian harp idea deliberately made to gain tones by design.. 

There's many times the environment can make its own music! Unaided.. and I am certain you all ( on this net.) Have your own tales to tell of unintentional music created by nature, or environment?

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Just the other night, two bullfrogs (or something) singing, would have joined in with my concertina but then they probably would have quit.


I have a large wind chime near a door, and I'll never forget the time (years ago, now) when, as I stood quietly and unlocked the door to go in, it very mysteriously and perfectly played the first phrase of "Jingle Bells." That was fun but kind of creepy....ha ha 

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