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Write words to help learn tune?

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1 hour ago, Alan Day said:

One of my tunes I remember from the following words.

"What are you doing out of the rain when you could be home in bed"


That sums up part of my day today, and how I felt about it! I did go back to bed. 


Though, we've been in a drought so I won't complain too much about the rain. 

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So my sad words, set to "Sad Is My Fate," are: 


Oh-- cold is the night and lonely 

And- cold- is the war

Every road that I follow only

Ends where I was lost before

Where are you, where do you wander without me, my love, my- own?

We will never walk together a--gain

I am so weary, I can't go on all a-lone any longer

Cold is the night and-

Sad, so very sad, is my fate.


(...really, I'm not this sad, for the record. Just a way to learn a tune!)


And here's my verse for "The Fairies' Hornpipe" -- 


If I don't drink some coffee in the morning I am such a mess
What's in front of me and moving, well now,  I can only guess
I will poke you in the eye
I will surely make you cry
If my morning cup of coffee
Is a cup that's dry


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