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English Concertina - Edeophone 56 keys

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I have been playing a Concertina Connection Busker for a few years and am looking to upgrade. I have ordered a Lachenal Edeophone 56 key from Barleycorn, but it has not shipped yet. I don't need the extra keys, but this appears to be an excellent instrument, based on the description, and Chris Algar's comments. What is the size difference between a 48 and 56 key Edeophone? The weight is actually less than my Busker, so that should not be a problem. I would appreciate comments.


Best wishes,

David Dahl

Portland, Oregon

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there should not be that much of a difference between a standard and the extended treble.


but the bit of added size should give you a bit more volume with the increase in bellows.


You probably won’t get a lot of use out the extra notes. But maybe you will.


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7 minutes ago, John Wild said:

I think you need to check if the extra notes are extended up at the higher end of the range, or down at the lower end. The later would be a tenor-treble - more useful ( I think) but also heavier.


In my most recent travels..

it seems like there is probably a 4 to 1 ratio of extended trebles vs tenor trebles out there for sale. It also seems that the extended trebles seem to be selling for about the same prices as the standard 48s. TTs tend to be much harder to find and much more expensive.

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