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Loose end plate screws.

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I have that problem on my[ 1999 purchased] Anglo [hohner name originally Italian made 30 key ].. but there again after over two decades one could expect this to occur after servicing it myself over time.  

I would not worry too much, as I am sure you will get good advice on how to remedy the problem.

My own does not stop me playing it at all; and I always ensure I do not ever force the screws back in, if I have opened it up; always I use hand pressure and small manual screw driver only  - with correct end tip; never force the screws in,  and keep the angle straight down into the holes, do it gradually.  [that is  to me  the main bit of advice].

It is at the end of the day metal, or wood, and wood is very forgiving material to screwing in, and filling, etc.. Someone else will I am sure give you more tech advice than I can.


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Thanks for the advice Simon. I am still able to play it OK but I've had the ends off a couple of times trying to sort out a couple of slightly stickinging buttons. I have been very gentle with the screws. I'll wait and see if anyone has some of that tech advice.

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