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jeffriesvs wheaston and size


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Hello many years ago I did buy a castiglione concertina (RIP my dear Friend Castiglione). it was a good beginner instrument but didn't like very much after 2 weeks. So i switch to diatonic accordion. this was 10 years ago I think. I did practice every day for 2 hour for 6 months. than now after 10 years  I still play and enjoy it

I would like to give another try for concertina and i am thinking buying one. for concertina I am bit confuse. some time they come in different size and not sure what is the  most regular size. Also there is a 2 different layout button jeffries and wheaston. not sure what is the difference and which one is the more common and the easiest to play.


Since Castiglione is gone,

any recommendation for  beginner concertina


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