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Looking for an anglo Marcus Traveller...


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I think you're unlikely to find a Marcus Traveller for sale used.  I've been looking at ordering a new one.  It's a very specialised choice.  Most players would flirt with the idea before going for the "safe option" of 30 buttons.  Those who actually buy a new Traveller really know that it is exactly what they want, so they are likely to keep it.


However, good luck in your search. :)

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Thank you Mike, I understand what you mean 😉

I am interested for some reason but I think it is a bit too expensive new (his 30b is just 100pound extra).

And I will have to pay an extra 450 euros of import taxes !! So buying it new is not an option for me 😕

Got me move on and now looking in the EU area, some good choices but reduced to one: 7Mount (never had any response and I heard he does not produce them on order any more...), Suttner (1.5 year of waiting), and Irish concertina company (I believe they are quality concertina and just 8 weeks of waiting, looking for the Vintage mode or Eiru....). I have time to decide, no hurry.



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