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Quagliardi concertinas?

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In Portugal, the 3 row 12 bass melodeon or button accordion is known as a "concertina",  usually in the keys of G/C/F, and tuned to such a wide tremolo that it might surely crack glass 🙂

Quagliardi certainly made (or distributed/rebadged) such a model. I have seen a photo somewhere of one on the internet, and also had one through my workshop very briefly, but was beyond repair, both bearing more than a passing resemblance to a German Koch melodeon from the early 1920s.

So the short answer to the OP is yes, Jim... but not as we know it, though as Stephen suggested, it's not impossible that they may have made something more akin to a recognisable concertina, but I've never seen nor heard of one.


(Apologies for probably misquoting Mr Spock)

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