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31 bone-button Jeffries C/G anglo for sale in US!


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Hi all, over the past year I came into two fine Jeffries concertinas, and really only need one for session playing.  I am selling this one for $500 less than I paid so that it can be played more as the fine instrument that it is!  Details below:


- 31 bone buttons, standard Jeffries layout except that both the push and pull of 2nd button outside row are C# (changed by previous owner at the recommendation of his teacher, is simple enough to be changed back if you choose)

- D drone

- Lovely green gold-tooled bellows, reworked by Greg Jowaisis.  Bellows slightly on the stiffer side, but still fast and will loosen up with time.

- Hardshell case

- The amazing honky/sweet Jeffries tone but not obnoxious or overpowering (video link of instrument being played is below)


Asking $6750, which includes shipping, handling, and insurance to anywhere in the US.  Will make the standard 2% donation to concertina.net if it sells.  Buyer will be able to return instrument within one week of receiving it if unsatisfied, and will assume all shipping costs.


Video link of it being played so you can hear the sound and see it in action -

Message here or email directly at yautt@yahoo.com for serious inquiries, thanks!

Jeffries bellows.jpg

Jeffries Bellows 2.jpg

Jeffries case.jpg

Jeffries Logo.jpg

Jeffries Logo 2.jpg

Jeffries Side 1.jpg

Jeffries Side 2.jpg

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