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1957 Beer Ad

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Here's some archaeology for you:


Beer Ad on Ebay


Looks like a Bastari? with the same metal ends we see now. And bellows papers, too. Carling Red Cap must be pretty good beer, the poor fellow appears to be holding it upside down. Let's get it for the next Squeeze-In!



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Hmm. I was thinking of bidding on it, to go with the Pepsi ad I got a while back. But I'd rather not get into a bidding war. :)


I'm very curious about the instrument, though, since I didn't think Bastari was making instruments like that until some time in the 1970's, yet the seller claims the ad is from 1957, and since it appears to be in a magazine the date should be certain.


I wondered briefly if it might be a "Mayfair" (by Wheatstone in the 1950's), but the only picture I have of a Mayfair (in a Wheatstone brochure) is of an English, and the fretwork is *very* different.


Yeah, the guy is holding the instrument with the hands reversed. Maybe he's left-handed? At least he -- or the photographer -- had enough sense to get his fingers on the buttons in a way that looks like he *might* be playing it.

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It is obviously a Bastari. But I have never seen one like it! Not with those "leather" ellows with papers, and the "traditional" handstraps.

It has to be one of the first, since I didn't think Bastari started until ca 1960.



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