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Super Simple Anglo-esque Kits

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While doing some research for a Product Design project, I happened upon a Hong-Kong-based person - Alize Lam - who makes kits for wooden toys and musical instruments, including several designs of toy piano and two concertina-shaped-objects. There is a square (octagonal if you're really picky)  one and a hexagonal one, and they make use of laser cut plywood, wine box wood and simple folded bellows. Interestingly, they play more like a flutina, with the notes reversed on the push and pull. The 5 keys open sliding valves travelling parallel to the body, which I guess technically makes them accordions, but in reality I think I can get away with saying that they are concertinas. The reeds are actually a small harmonica, built into one of the ends. I particularly like the encaustic-tile-style printed pattern on the hexagonal model. They're obviously not designed to be 'proper' musical instruments, but they seem like quite fun little things, and I thought the good people of concertina.net might like to take a look. They sell them through a website called Pinkoi; I've never heard of it, but it seems to be a bit like Etsy. I don't know if anyone's seen these little instruments before - I certainly hadn't - but here you go anyway. It looks so simple, I'm tempted to try building one myself!


Here's the hexagonal one:

And the squareish one:


And their respective YouTube videos:





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