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Northeast Squeeze In

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  • Jim Besser changed the title to Northeast Squeeze In

Me, but you knew that.


I hope to be there around 3, but I’m picking a passenger up at the Albany-Rensselaer train station at 12:37 and it’s an hour and 3/4 drive from there. But Amtrak is making noises that their passenger schedule could be affected by the looming freight rail strike that might start Friday morning.

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I will be there, assuming the freight railroad strike doesn't cancel my train (I'm David's aforementioned passenger). In the event that happens, hopefully a last minute car rental can be found. I'm thinking I will bring my new Anglo as well as my melodeon, in hopes of sneaking some advice off Jim and Jody and any other Anglo players I run into this weekend.


Looking forward to your English pub session, Jim!

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21 minutes ago, David Barnert said:


We always wear felt hats for Morris Dancing, but not usually at practice.




We used to wear felt bowlers, but I never found one to fit my outsized head and received an official exemption.  


Looking forward to seeing everybody!

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