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World Concertina Day 2023!

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The second annual World Concertina Day, sponsored once again by the International Concertina Association, will be on February 6, 2023, the anniversary of the birth of Sir Charles Wheatstone. Since that date falls on a Monday, the ICA also welcomes activities on the weekend before that (February 4 and 5). 
We're hoping that everyone with an interest in the concertina will participate by organizing or taking part in an event in your local area or online, on February 6, 2023 or on a nearby date.  
Some ideas:

  • Gatherings of concertina players
  • In-person or online public concert performances by concertina groups or individual performers.  Online events could be pre-recorded and posted online on the day
  • Events such as “concertina flash mobs” that lend themselves to social media publicity and local media interest
  • Live workshop events featuring concertinas
  • Local or national radio/TV interviews by concertina people
  • Display or demonstration of the concertina at your local museum, library or community center
  • Sharing a recording of yourself or telling your social media friends about your interest in the concertina
  • ….or anything else you can think of!  You can see a list of events from the first World Concertina Day here

We would be happy to use ICA’s communication channels to help you publicize your event.  We can also provide a World Concertina Day logo to use in your event publicity.  However, please note that the ICA cannot provide funding for your event or accept liability in connection with it.
If you would like to take part, have ideas, or would like to discuss any aspect of World Concertina Day, feel free to comment here or to contact ICA's World Concertina Day team at WCD@concertina.org.  More info about World Concertina Day is at https://concertina.org/world-concertina-day-2023 .

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On 9/21/2022 at 4:24 PM, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

How about a special new tune written for world concertina day 2023 ?

I could write one, and then everyone could have a go at playing it!!!?

Something everyone could play, with a good melody to it!🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝


Hi, Simon--


Alan Day did this for WCD 2022 with his tune March of the Concertinas.  More info here:

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