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any Concertina Repair apprenticeships ?


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23 hours ago, Riggy said:

We need some people to repair our boxes here in the USA.  All the folks I'm aware of are moving on to other pursuits or are in the UK.  HOPING for the next generation !!


Agree. I'm very worried about our limited options for service.  I've raised the issue with some younger people with instrument repair experience, but haven't gotten much of a response.

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Since I started playing the melodeon and more recently the anglo concertina, I've been resigned to the fact that if you're going to play weird instruments like this in the United States, you pretty much have to be a bit self-sufficient about doing minor repairs.


I'd recommend David Elliott's Concertina Maintenance Manual to anyone who owns a concertina. Much better to learn to diagnose and correct a silent or constantly sounding reed at home than to spend the money for roundtrip shipping to a fettler and have to cope with the anxiety of sending an expensive and unique instrument through the mail.


Still, I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that more fettlers would be a great thing!

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