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Please Help Me Identify this Concertina "PEERLESS" I think 1930's

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There are a few advertised in the old newspapers...mainly in the 1930's  although one as far back as 1891....the description is Peerless Anglo Concertina.

Possibility it could be this chap...from 1890




Having said that it appears to be a completely different instrument according to prior discussion on here.


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This looks like a Chemnitzer to me, not a Peerless Anglo.  The OP is from Minnesota so that probably clinches it.


This forum and its users do not include many, if any, Chemnitzer players.  We get queries like yours from time to time but cannot really help very much.  But, see this post from last year:


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By no means an expert in regards of this type of 'concertina', apart from the odd repair over the  years, however, if the instrument is a ‘Chemnister ‘, in the U.S. , from 1917,  many companies  began making these, one being:  Kosatka's, 'House of Music' in Berwyn, Illinois, who included the name "Peerless” on their  instruments.  

I believe 1930's is good estimate.



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