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Jeffries for sale in Edmonton, Canada

Don Taylor

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2 hours ago, Peter Smith said:

Looks the same as the one on the Facebook group ‘concertinas for sale’, which says it’s in Cork, Ireland for 2,900 Euros - Unless it’s a scam of course!!



Yes, it must be the same one.  Something fishy going on here unless it is the same guy in Cork and Edmonton.


Added: I have been in touch with the guy on Kijiji and he says that he was in Cork until recently and that it is the same concertina.  I suggested that he should log in here.

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Hi Everyone. I am the seller of this instrument. Don contacted me on kijiji and let me know there was a post on here.


I was on a short trip back to Ireland hoping to sell the concertina there but no takers yet. I have since returned to Canada with the instrument.


If anyone has any questions feel free to ask. It’s a genuine sale. Thanks.



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OK, so this really is genuine and Chris posted about it a couple of years ago in this very interesting discussion:

A lot of history behind this instrument and a really interesting tuning. 


Chords on it sounded sweet even  though it sat untouched for many decades.   

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