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Wheatstone Or Jeffries 36-40 Key Wanted


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Hi there.

I am still looking for a Jeffries or Wheatstone 36-40 odd key Anglo in CG. I have ordered a 39 key Suttner and am on the waiting list which is currently four years. In the meantime I want to get something else with similar number of buttons and with the same sort of button layout(jeffries) etc....I am prepared to hire/loan/borrow/buy/(beg on my knees if absolutely necessary). I am prepared to pay a reasonable price and would be prepared to hire one for the four year period to get me through if someone didn't want to part with their concertina permanently. I have mentioned before in this forum that there must be a few of these concertinas sitting around on shelves not getting played. So this is a direct appeal to those who have that second or third unplayed concertina, or who might know someone who bought one and never got past week three.....Thanks in advance. By the way, I am in Australia and am prepared to pay postage insurance etc.



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