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Wheatstone Double duet concertina at The Hamamatsu Museum of Musical Instruments(Japan)

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At first glance I thought it was English system Concertina. But when I saw this video clip (which I did not take) I noticed that the color layout of the buttons was strange.

I did a little research and realized that this instrument is very similar to the one on this page. (But unlike No. 23, rests for little fingers are present.)



I live far from Hamamatsu, but the instrument is on permanent display and if I can make my next visit I will be able to hear more about it from the curator.

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Very nice! It's always interesting to see one because they never seem to have caught on and they're very rare.


One of my two (Miss Elphinstone's according to the ledger) actually got converted to English system later in its existence, with the notes rearranged and finger rests added

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If this is a four-column chromatic system (4CC) then the left hand makes perfect sense but the right hand seems to have a couple of buttons in the wrong place. For example the red C button should be one row higher, at the top of the column.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for your instruction. It does appear that the top 3 columns except the 4th column have the wrong button color. It may have been restored by someone who is not familiar with layout.

Edited by Takayuki YAGI
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