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Gilligan's Island Theme on Anglo Concertina

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This classic was one of the first songs I wanted to play on concertina -- I guess it's the kind of music I expected a concertina to play, you know? Anyway, it took some trial and error and a few compromises to be able to go through all the key changes on an anglo (Bm>Cm>C#m>Dm) but I think it ended up being worth it.

Feedback is appreciated. I know I made a couple mistakes. I'm still somewhat new at this and trying to find my own style.

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4 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

Was that real lightning or special effects?


Once again, Simon, you have to catch up on your American cultural trivia. The lightning happened at the precise moment in the music that it did (1960s) in the television program credits.



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2 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

There used to be a tune for a cartoon series called Captain Pugwash over here in UK... About pirates etc..  it used a concertina or accordion sound as theme tune !

Nothing to do with this topic; but just brought back funny memories!


See also the theme to The Vital Spark, where we hear the sound of an accordion while the character Sunny Jim mimes playing an English concertina on deck (and the characters call it a melodeon).


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9 hours ago, SIMON GABRIELOW said:

Wherever did you find that old TV comedy ( I assume it was comedy!)...😄

There's certainly sone suspicious miming on concertina!


One of my Scottish clients introduced me to it. The concertina I'm currently building for him will have a representation of the Vital Spark steam puffer ship in the fretwork design, and he has plans to play the theme tune on it when it's finished.

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