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On 8/15/2022 at 10:52 AM, DDF said:

This may or may not be of interest.These are metric measurements from the reeds in my 1917 Wheatstone Linota.


Do the tongue thickness measurements imply that the tongue for each note had a different thickness before filing/tuning?  I would expect that thickness "1" at the clamp would be the unfiled thickness and so more consistent between notes. 

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I didn't measure the thickness under the clamps this would be the place to find the original thickness.I would guess they started with two or maybe three gauges of steel before working the tongues .In the Wheatstone workshop film it shows them surface grinding the uncut tongues so I guess they would have have a gauge near to finished size before profiling. The final filing goes right up to the clamps  which probably explains the variation in the measurements at Point"1". Regards David.

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