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Who made this English Concertina?

Peter Smith

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I have a 48 button English concertina in a poor state. I have been trying to find out who made it but without success.

I have attached a couple of pictures below, showing the right end, action board and reed bed.

A couple of things I have noted:

  • It has the serial number 2366 stamped on the action board, reed bed & bellows and the has rivited levers.
  • The brass reeds appear to have quite large screws holding the reeds.
  • The buttons are quite well worn and look like ivory

Any help you could give me to identify the maker of this concertina would be appreciated.



Right end.JPG

Left Action board & reeds.JPG


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My first reaction was a Jones, Wheatstone reeds were narrower, both used riveted actions but the jones pivot posts had a flared profile below the rivet area. do you have a better photo of an action post on sideways please?

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Many thanks for your comments, Dave.

I'm sorry for the poor pictures & someone else has now taken on this concertina, so I cann't get any more pictures.

I used the concertina museum collection (http://www.concertinamuseum.com/) to try to compare the fretwork to identify the concertina make, as in my post of 11th August. I have owned a few Jones concertinas and the reeds on this concertina did not look like those on a Jones. Maybe its not a Wheatstone either but I do not have the skill or time to re-make concertina ends, so passed it on to someone else to look at.



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