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Bosun Bill on C/G Anglo Concertina

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Still a bit sloppy, but the best recording I managed to get after about 2 weeks of trying. Starts to deteriorate close to the end, when the nerves kick in (I realise I haven't made too many mistakes. The mistake was then focusing on that fact XD).

Original song is in the key of Cm, I am playing in Am.


I shared the sheet music in another post in the Tunes/Songs forum, incase anyone is interested: https://www.concertina.net/forums/index.php?/topic/24859-looking-for-tab-bosun-bill-sea-of-thieves-anglo/


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Corrected myself; I did not make the post in Tunes/Songs :)
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12 minutes ago, Clive Thorne said:

So is it a lefthanded concertina, or is a quirk of how you did the video?


The printing on his T-shirt appears to be a mirror image, so my guess is that the whole video is right-left reversed. But that would mean he’s wearing his watch on his right wrist.


TehRazorBack, are you left-handed?

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