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Concertina sighting with Kathy Bates

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  • Randy Stein changed the title to Concertina sighting with Kathy Bates

Oh poor woman; she really is getting good grilling ( whoever she is!) If as you described then maybe they could have edited in hand closeups of someone playing the thing really?

( As long as they are correct sized hand to suit of course!)....😁😁😁😁

Spell correction due to tiny phone keyboard!
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It is a sad fact that film directors who are not musicians do not seem to care whether their actors look like they are playing the instruments. It is not really the actors fault.


I once had a job playing flute in a film. The casting director went to great pains to ascertain that I was indeed a proficient flautist. I turned up on set and noticed the harp they had was 200 years later than the film was set in, then they handed me a piece of broomstick with thumb tacks pushed into it, and I had to pretend it was a flute! The music I was supposed to be playing to did not even have a flute! I was background, so it did not really matter, but it is all about creating the illusion for the masses and has nothing to do with being consistent to any form of truth.

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