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Searching for a George Jones 30 Button Anglo Concertina, preferably Rosewood ends!


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Hello Concertina.net community! 


I have been searching far and wide for the right 30 button concertina as a companion for my perfectly lovely Bastari 20 button. I have been on the hunt for a 30 button George Jones with Rosewood ends. I even saw one pop up on eBay yesterday, only to miss out as I was completing the purchase (absolutely gutted!). While I figure it may be a long shot, I wanted to ask this fabulous community of concertina enthusiasts if anyone may have one, or may have a lead on where I may find one!


Much appreciation and gratitude!


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I am about to sell two George Jones 30 (32) button concertinas in C/G although with metal ends.... one was completely rebuilt from "bits" by Andrew Norman (whole story is on his website) and the other was "fettled" by Andrew when I purchased it from an auction site (pads, valves tuning etc (has bird sound whistle). Would they be of any interest to you?

Gerry S

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I have a 30 button anglo(jefferies..?) made by george jones distributed thru campbells improved concertinas of glasgow..all notes work and are basically in tune except the d2 on lh doesnt sound..it has the form fitted wooden case..both are in great condition..!! Text me 5107192364 jeana

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